CuppuCreative sources insights, influencers, participation and content from social media to better engage your target audience in their natural online environment.

This process aims at creating relevant and lasting online relationships between brands and their users. It is the foundation of social commerce dynamics, whereby Internet word of mouth (iWOM) meets bottom-line results. While Social Media has been about Communication, today it is about Business.

Tracking and Analysis

Do you want to know who is saying about your brand? Where are these conversations happening? Who are your brand supporters? How did your last campaign perform? We use the most sophisticated search technology to track, listen and analyze online conversations and bring answers to these essential questions. These insights inform digital and social engagement strategies.

Brand Ambassadors

Opinions and product reviews posted by your customers have a much higher influence in forming brand perception and purchasing decisions than advertising. We will create and manage client specific networks of influence with relevant bloggers and brand influencers to do just that – influence brand perception and purchasing decisions.

Community Management

How do you manage multiple social touch points?

Now, you have a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Managing it professionally implies having defined your strategic objectives, the brand’s online persona, and the editorial content strategy with content pillars, tone and frequency of posts. It means setting up the tools to publish, measure and compare your performance as well as establish efficient customer support and a crisis management process. Is this too much for you to handle? Look for our team of professional Community Managers today!

Generate Sales and Loyalty

Engage your fans through social reward and referral programme

Generate sales and increase return customers

How to generate measurable ROI from your social media marketing effort? Consult us to discuss how to best integrate social buying and social CRM programs into your mix.

Professional social media platform

We also have a team of dedicated professionals that are tasked to create and execute specific B2B social strategy on LinkedIn. Services include Company Page creation, Page content management and updating, Discussion Groups management, Apps development and integration, influencer engagement and media buy. The next wave of social apps will be driven by businesses to businesses. Contact us to start generating highly targeted business leads through social!