Email Marketing is an online marketing tool that involves the mass sending of e-Mails/Electronic Direct Mailers, which will help companies reach out to the billions of e-mail users. Appropriate email marketing is definitely a component that you should not neglect in your online marketing strategy.

These e-mail accounts are professionally retrieved and included in our program to ensure effective online marketing for your company. With billions of e-mail accounts in the world, e-mail marketing is definitely a hassle-free and useful avenue for online marketing that increases company’s publicity and brand awareness.

Clients can customize or personalize the content of each email according to parameters in each recipients’ database record. For example, recipients in different countries can receive a different regional phone number from those email recipients in Singapore. You can also include images, barcodes, paragraphs, words, numbers, or any content imaginable, based on any database field you indicate.

Spam Mails           

At CuppuCreative, we used dedicated servers and IP address for email sending. In another word, your emails will not get ‘JUNKED’ or blocked by spam filters so easily. We are also constantly monitoring the spamming technology so that your email campaigns always reach the recipients.

Tracking & Reporting

We tracks and reports email opens by recipients, so you know who has viewed your Emails/Electronic Direct Maliers. After eliminating dead email accounts, you will be able to save more for your next campaign. Using the report provided, you will also be able to track the marketing efforts.


Our creative team will design your Electronic Direct Mailers so they are aesthetically appealing and professional looking. Furthermore, a professionally done EDM design will load faster on the recipient’s end.